Accommodation is at the International Marine Volunteer Center. There are 4 cottages that accommodate up to 6 people per cottage. Each cottage has a bathroom, kitchenette and living area as well as daily living essentials. The main building has a beautiful kitchen, equipped with induction plates, a microwave and oven for cooking and a fully functional recycling system in place. There is also a very spacious living area with satellite TV, DVD player, board games, pool table and foosball. There is an activity hall with some weights and a table tennis table. The facility has a large, safe swimming pool and garden.

Walking or cycling to the Great White House is easy, quick and safe and will only take between 10 and 15min (1.4km). We also have 2 dedicated minibuses that are equipped with all the necessary safety permits and licences and are used daily for the volunteers’ transport needs.

Key things about the center:
- Expect to share
- Fully furnished
- Satellite TV – a whole lot of channels
- DVD player
- Free WiFi (remember to bring your laptop or smartphone)
- Emergency numbers are in the house
- Bedding is provided and washed on a weekly basis
- Bicycles for personal use
- Keep your personal belongings safe (each cottage has a safe)
- The water is safe to drink