The opportunity to gain first hand experience of working for an eco-tourism boat and the rare opportunity to work with the Great White Shark. Our main objective is to ensure you receive adequate sea going time during your stay. You will have the opportunity to shark cage dive but will be expected to assist guests during their trip and duties will be assigned to you while on board. You will ensure that every guest gains a once in a lifetime experience and be able to share your knowledge as a host.

You can expect lectures by our marine biologists and expert crew on:
Shark biology and behaviour
Basic seamanship and Safety at sea
Shark tagging and tracking
Ocean conservation
Data collection
Dyer Island Conservation Trust projects

Our monthly marine evenings mean you will also get to hear other conservations and shark experts share their knowledge.

Those who show a good work ethic and those who are studying in a related field will have the opportunity to go on research expeditions and assist our marine biologists in data collection and shark tracking amongst other experiences such as environmental surveys.

You will also experience working with the community. We do regular beach clean ups with our local schools providing a great opportunity to work with children. We are involved in other projects such as: penguin nests which sometimes need placement at the colonies; shark egg collection; bird surveys; animal rescues.
Penguin colonies are sensitive and it is not possible to always be involved in a rescue attempt but if possible we will do so.

View below video to see the full experience

Arrival and departure

There are direct flights from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Dubai. Alternatively, you can transit via Johannesburg which has flights from most major cities in Europe and more

The Great White House

The companies are based at The Great White House where we brief our clients. This facility has a fully equipped restaurant and curio shop and more


Accommodation is only 5 minutes from our operation. Rooms and bathroom facilities are shared. We can accommodate up to 17 volunteers. We are in more

Food and other expenses

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Other Activities

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Price and Duration

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