About Marine Dynamics Shark Tours

Marine Dynamics is an internationally recognised leader in shark cage diving and shark conservation. We constantly work to deliver the promise of our motto: Discover and Protect. Every year we host thousands of international and local visitors on our custom-designed diving boat, Slashfin (named after one of our visiting sharks).

Our biologists conduct research on the behaviour and biology of Great White Sharks. Every trip includes a marine biologist/guide who ensures shark and environmental data are logged, and fin ID photos collected, in order to continue to build our database of the sharks in the bay. As a result, we are gaining significant new insights into recognition of individual sharks by their fins, tracking movements of sharks and their response to differences in water temperature, time of year etc. and we are also studying parasites endemic to Great White Sharks. This work, which has been published and presented, is made possible by the funds generated by shark cage diving and donations from clients…evidence that their choice has made a real difference!

We will educate you about shark biology and conservation as you get up close and personal with this amazing apex predator. We promise a five star experience, are certified by Fair Trade in Tourism and hold an award as best for Wildlife Conservation, an African Responsible Tourism award.

Additionally, a videographer/photographer is part of the experienced crew on each trip ensuring that we build up a detailed archive of shark sightings.


About Dyer Island Cruises

Established in 2000, Dyer Island Cruises provides an unrivalled eco-experience to visitors from all over the world. Weather-depending, you will be treated to sightings of the Marine Big 5™ - Whales, Great White Sharks, Cape Fur Seals, Dolphins and African Penguins.

Every year from June to December, the Southern right whales arrive to mate and calve. You may witness mating displays, breaching, tail-slapping, spy-hopping and more. We may also see Bryde’s Whales, Humpback Whales, the elusive Humpback Dolphin, Common Dolphin, an incredible array of seabirds and we guarantee a sighting of our almost 60 000 strong Cape Fur Seal colony on Geyser Rock as we cruise along the world-famous Shark Alley.

Amazing photo opportunities are to be had on board our custom-designed catamaran, Dream Catcher. Operating around beautiful Dyer Island, our crew and on-board marine biologist and guide are very knowledgeable about the animals in the area and will be on hand to teach you more about the fascinating animals visiting our shores. Like our sister company, Marine Dynamics, we too live by our motto: Discover and Protect.


About Dyer Island Conservation Trust

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust delivers unique conservation and research programmes in the fragile and critically important marine ecosystem at the southern-most tip of Africa. Here we strive to protect one of the surviving colonies of the endangered African Penguin; the globally important breeding and calving grounds of the Southern Right Whale; and, one of the world’s densest populations of the mysterious Great White Shark.

International Marine Volunteers work closely with the Trust on various projects.