Research projects are done under the banner of the Dyer Island Conservation Trust. The Trust enjoys the sponsorship of Volkswagen South Africa who have donated the use of two vehicles as well as covered necessary research fuel costs and some branded items and children’s educational books. Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Cruises actively do fundraising with their clients every day. Your participation in the programme also helps to support our research and conservation work, both in-kind and financially - if you stay for four weeks or more then a donation will be made on your behalf to the Trust.

Our research and the comparatively easy and predictable access to Great White Sharks attracts international attention. Our boats regularly host visiting international scientists and camera crews from the US, Europe and Asia with resulting documentaries being broadcast on the BBC, National Geographic Discovery and other well-respected documentary channels.

More detailed information and blogs can be read at but our main projects that you may assist on at present are as follows:

Great White Sharks:
We research the feeding, migrating and behavioural habits as well as various other aspects of the Great Whites by recording sightings, more

African Penguin:
Our multi-award winning project to research and curb the worrisome decline in the African Penguin population on Dyer Island (90% decline in 30 years) is aimed at protecting these endangered species indigenous more

Marine Pollution:
This project supports recycling and is aimed at involving local schools and the community in beach-clean-ups, marine education more

Marine Animal Strandings:
Sometimes we receive calls from the public about stranded animals in distress, or already dead animals. They may be sick, entangled, oiled or more

BRUV Studies:
The BRUV is a baited remote underwater video collection technique. Using this technique we collect data on the habitat, species diversity, more

Endemic Shark Species Project:
As the opportunity arises we collect shark egg cases that have washed ashore as part of a larger project in the area looking at the species more

Environmental sampling:
We use a YSI unit (Yellow Springs International) to sample water temperature (°C), barometric pressure (mbars), dissolved oxygen (%saturation) and oxygen (mg per litre) more

We have other projects such as providing wood for heating & cooking to a nearby community, occasionally helping out at old age and children’ more